02 September 2015

Bloggeroid for Blogger

...while watching #eatbulaga and browsing internet via my mobile I came upon this application #bloggeroid!

By the way, Hola! Hello! Hi! Kumusta po kayo? It's been a while since my last post. I'm a mum, a working mum and a beloved inday to my own household... That means I'm super busy. And when I get 'me time' I sleep! So there...

So, while browsing apps on mu playstore, I found Bloggeroid, a blogging app for Android.

I'm trying it right now if it works fine, let's try posting some photos.

But wait, #aldubnation #kalyeserye #ALDUBMaiDenHeaven #eatbulaga Na! Watch muna ako T.V.
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