16 July 2013

Leather and Crystal OWL CUFF BRACELET

CUFF BRACELETS are so in this 2013. And many fashion shows I've watched online and on television shows big earrings, big necklaces and big and shimmering bracelets!!! Even neon colors are also trending!!!

There's just so many cuff bracelets that you can find online, just google image search and you'll find a variety of cuff bracelets, from small to bigger size.

But, this Leather and Crystal Owl Cuff Bracelet I've found on Amazon is a total knockout. It's soooooooooo cute!!!

This Leather and Crystal Owl Cuff Bracelet can be purchased at SuperJeweler Amazon Store.

I love to have one of these. I hope to find a copycat in  Divisoria, Lols! Don't laugh, a copycat is all I can afford at this time.


10 July 2013

How To Set-up your Free Yahoo E-Mail on Mozilla Thunderbird

Hi Guys, it's been quite a while. I've been busy improving my English Written/Speaking Skills. Hope this post shows some improvements :-)

Actually, I was trying to post this on Squidoo... But it locked my lens for whatever reason. I'm on the brink of filing a dispute, but realized that it was just a waste of time. Why not here???

Anyway, I am here today not to rant or talk about the new Squidoo. I am here to share something that might be useful in your Virtual Career.

I've been working as an Email Correspondence for several years now. And all of my emails were set-up in Thunderbird, for easy access and for quick responses and easy filing. Unfortunately, I can't set-up my yahoo free email account. I can't figure out how - took me some time to finally learn how to do it - so, I am happy to share how I did it.

Setting up your free yahoo email account on Thunderbird is as easy as eating peanuts. The first step, is of course to register a free account at yahoo, if you don't have one. If you already have an account, just open your Thunderbird. If you don't have a Thunderbird, just type Thunderbird on google, and the first to show up on the list is the one you should download.

Okay so, once you have already opened your Thunderbird:

:: On the Menu Bar, go to 'Tool'
:: Then choose 'Account Setting'
:: A pop up window will appear as the image below, at the bottom, click the Account Option' then click 'Add Mail Account'

:: You'll get this image once you click Add Mail Account:

:: Supply the information requested then 'Continue'
:: Okay, so you just follow the image below. Choose IMAP instead of POP3 and click done.

:: And that's it! VOILA! You can now view your yahoo email account with Thunderbird.

That's all for tonight! Hope it helps a little.

A cup of coffee as a thank gesture for this information would be highly appreciated.


PS: To Squidoo, these words are all mine! If you think I stole it somewhere! Go F yourself!