07 June 2013

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06 June 2013

Wednesday - WAH and the In-Betweens

The benefit of working at home is the that you can do the 'in-betweens', agree WAHMS?

Like today, before I started working, I was able to do the following:

1. Go to the market and bought fresh Tilapia and fresh meat.
2. Prepare for Lunch and do the dishes.
3. Put Lucas toys in places.
4. Work while tending to Lucas needs.

Awesome, I feel like her

02 June 2013


It's been a while since my last post. I tried so much keep this blog updated, but I'm just too busy with my work, household chores and Lucas, with whom I spent my free time playing - letting the little girl in me to come out.

Plus, there is nothing much to say!

Okay, so let's just do a flashback -

We live in a small rectangular apartment, with a small bedroom - that fits a queen size bed, one closet and one drawer cabinet and a meter  wide space at the end of the bed and on the left side. Then outside the bedroom - well... Of course is the living room, dining and kitchen and the bathroom, off to the right of the kitchen. We do have a 2 meter wide front yard, where I let Lucas play once in a while, when I have time to watch him and a 2 meter wide backyard which serves as the laundry area. All in all, I realized, we do have enough space to put our furniture, it wasn't really that bad, after all!. This is even better than those living in small rooms in Manila, paying 2,000 or 3,000 pesos a month. I even felt more privileged when I saw Kylie Chan blog about tiny living spaces in Hong Kong. Well... it's a small country, what can we expect? But, considering their economic status, it's just hard to believe that a family of four would squeeze themselves in small space flats like this:
Photo copied from Kylie Chan blog site

It's sad, it brings me back memories!

I experienced living in a small place like that on the photo above - me and my eldest brother. While we look for a living in Cabanatuan City, we live in a small bedroom. It has a single double deck bed, a small sink in the corner which we never used. The sink is not even tiled, the floor and the wall were unfinished and rough.  A small closet won't even fit the room, so, we kept our clothes in cardboard boxes - you can get these boxes for free in a grocery store or in a nearby sari-sari store. Our only electronic is a small old desk fan... I don't know where my brother got it, but one night, when I got back from work, we already had a fan, yahoo!!!. It was an old small desk fan, it has no cover, just the plastic blade (thank God), you don't wanna go near it or you'll hurt yourself. The room is too tiny, it has the size of my mother-in-laws bathroom.

Ah... those were the days, when even buying a sachet of conditioner was a luxury. I am working as a Xerox Operator then and my salary was too small for my actual needs... Lucky enough, Nanay found a way to send me to college, which I am forever grateful. Working and studying, was the hardest part in my life, but after all the trials and perseverance, I found a job that I love, it felt like not working at all. I promised, I'm not ever going back to that life. I worked my ass hard to get to where I am right now and I won't let anyone take it away from me, unless of course, if  the company I am working right now, stops its operation. But, I already thought about that and already have plans for anything unexpected. I know I have the skills and guts to not ever going back to nothing.

I am not worried though, I have enough savings to start all over again when it happens.

There is nothing permanent in this world. So, always be ready!