01 May 2013

I'm a working at home momma!

and it is 11.42 PM - Manila time and I am still working and blogging!!! I'm a wonder woman!!!

There's just too many email enquiries and I am drowning lols!!! I've got to attend to each of them, or I'll be doomed! Working at home is convenient and fun at the same time. Like right now, I can stop doing my job  for a while scribble a few wordings here at my blog. Or play Disney City Girl on my FB page, without my boss looking and watching my every move - well... this is just to ease boredom on what I am doing almost everyday, 4 days a week, 4 weeks a month lols!

But.... wait, I've got to wash our dishes first. My kitchen sink looks like a sink of a hoarder right now, I need to clean it up!

Then I can go back to whatever I am doing to earn some $$$ to pay my house rent, my bills, buy Lucas needs, and buy foods and foods and foods! I am a food lover and eating is my hobby. Yes... I am earning $$$ doing what I love doing, it doesn't feel like working at all. Plus, I am at the comfort of my home, I can play with my little monster anytime of the day, I can do my household chores and I can work anytime at my convenience! Earning as much as my other siblings earning from working abroad.... you should be envious!

Try oDesk or Freelancer dude... you'll be like me!

There are little flaws... but all in all, I can say that, right now I love the life I am living!!!

Anyway.... it's been a while since I blog! so hello!!!