09 December 2012

Sunday Chaos

It is past ten in the evening, I should be on bed by now sleeping with Lucas and having a nice dream, but, there's just too much chores to finish

I have to fold these laundry first!!!

but wait, I have to clean these mess first!!!

And there's more in my kitchen sink!

I really don't know where to start, so I stopped for a while to post this blog ha ha ha ha!!! There's just too much clutters inside my house that needs my attention right now, I've been neglecting them since early morning!!! toys are everywhere, little Lucas toy box were empty, they're all over the house.

So, you'd think : And who is Lucas by the way? - well... he is my one year old son, my little fella, my bundle of Joy:
Me and Lucas on webcam toy!
The best way to capture a moment like this would be via the webcam toy!


I realized, the best way to pass time is to play Diamond Dash on Facebook, lols! But I just can't beat my expert friends!


So, I stopped by at the Blogaholic Social Network for a while to find new friends and to find someone looking for an exchange link :-) and I found her:

Isn't she pretty? Visit her blog:

Blogaholic is the best place to find new friends!!! you could exchange 'follows'.

I have to go for now, I'll see you guys again tomorrow!

06 December 2012

My Pork Adobo Recipe

Hi y'all!!! Today we had Pork Adobe for Lunch and Dinner. I've learned the recipe from just watching my parents and siblings, but I tweak it a little to satisfy my palate and to make it my own version.

please post my link if you like to copy

So, let's start cooking.

For Pork Adobo recipe, we'll need the following

1 kl. Pork (I often ask the butcher to give me liempo or ribs)
1 tbsp. garlic (minced or crushed)
2 pcs. bay leaves
4 tbsp. vinegar (or according to your taste)
1 cup soy sauce (or according to you taste)
1 tbsp. whole pepper corn
1 cup water
cooking oil
1 pork cubes or magic sarap seasoning 

Cooking Procedure:

1. In a large pot, combine vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves, 1/2 tbsp minced garlic (set aside the other half), pepper corn, seasoning and pork. Put it inside your fridge and marinate for 15 minutes (or an hour if you wish!)

2. After you marinated the pork, get a bowl drain the meat and keep the marinate sauce.

3. Then heat cooking oil in skillet and brown meat on all side. Set aside.

3. Fry the remaining garlic in the frying pan until slightly toasted, then add in the fried meat and the marinated sauce. Add water if necessary.

4. Let it boil until pork is cooked and sauce thickens.

5. Serve hot with rice.


Try this at home. Easy, quick and yummy!

Hope you like it!

02 December 2012

Whirlpool Microwave Oven Grill Combi - MWD 208EGC

Today is hubby's birthday - Sunday, 2nd December 2012 and he just turns 35... ha ha ha, he didn't know that I revealed his real age lols!

I didn't cook this time. As a present to my husband, we just go out and had lunch at Greenwich Pizza in WalterMart, Plaridel! Lucas enjoyed the foods! I just noticed, he likes tomato based foods, especially spaghetti. And oh my God, he loves french fries, kakatuwa! his both hands were holding a stick of french fries, it's just so funny - his face was covered with tomato sauce. My bad, I forgot to bring my camera and I am not able to capture the moment! maybe next time!

We bought a Microwave Oven. We were planning to by one 3 months ago, but we just don't have an extra cash, today he just received his 13th Month Pay, so we bought it today, yahoo!!

I did a little research last night about what brand is best and what model. Most review recommended Whirlpool brand. I found that all new models (mostly) of microwave nowadays has a grill function - this is a recently added feature, after the carousel that rotates the food for even cooking and making it digital. After many years of innovation, they've come up with this idea, which I think is a good addition instead of the usual and regular microwave oven.

So we bought the MWD 208 ECG - it's a Microwave Oven Grill Combi. I don't know what does grill combi do yet. But I will let you know how it works soon.

So here are the product description: (I plan to post the photo tomorrow)
∙ 20 liter
∙ 3 Auto Defrost : Meat, Chicken, Fish
∙ 3 Auto Cook : Potato, Popcorn, Beverage
∙ Baby Milk Reheat
∙ Memory
∙ Preset Program
∙ Quartz Grill
∙ Combi Grill+Microwave
∙ Digital Clock
∙ 95 Minutes Timer
∙ Child Lock
∙ Silver Finish
∙ Mirror door

With these features, plus the grill combi functions, a sleek design and nice interior, I think we just made a good buy! It even matches our refrigerator color, so it is really a nice buy. But, we'll see again in the long run!

Thank you guys for dropping buy and for sharing a moment of my happiness!

01 December 2012

Thank God It's Saturday!!!

Thank God it is Saturday, 1st December 2012 - let's start counting the days. Christmas is just around the corner.

It's the weekend! As usual, all I wanna to do is lie down on our couch all day doing nothing after a week of work. But no, I can't do that anymore - I have my little Lucas and my whole weekend is entirely dedicated to spending quality time with my family.

Actually, there's plenty of things that I wanna do. My creative side is so high today, I need to get it out but I just can't find the time! taking care of my 1 yr. old little boy really consumed me! arghhh!!! my back aches!

My washing machine is still not working properly, I've called the guy who fixed it yesterday, but he was not able to fix it. I think there is going to be a major repair, and I am thinking if we should go for it or just buy a new one. We are planning to buy a fully automatic front load washing machine, but can't decide which brand. I think, Sharp is somehow overrated. Whirlpool for me is still a quality product, I might have done something wrong with our washing machine, it could b... I overloaded it! And how about LG??

There's just too many choices and it is really hard to decide.

I'd love to hear your suggestions!!!