30 November 2012

A Whirlwind Friday, Indeed!!!

Lucas woke up at 4 am today and started playing, so I also had to get up and look after him while hubby were working on his desktop! Today is his day-off but due to over-workload, he had to get up early and do some reviews!

And what a Friday is it. Started quite well, with Lucas doing funny things and funny sounds and making faces, you'd think everything will smoothly be going. Not, until my husband decided to do the laundry, only to find out that our washing machine spinner was not working.

My 3 years old Whirlpool WWT-70X  Twin Tub Washing Machine just suddenly stop working.  We bought it at Abenson in WalterMart, Plaridel, Bulacan, costs us Php 9,196.00 + delivery,  with 3 years warranty, I thought it's a good buy, now I'm not really sure. Unfortunately, we're 3 months over the warranty period! yaiks!

I did my best to keep it dry and clean to prolong the life span, but after three years, it still ended up like this. It's a good thing that I have a neighbour who knew someone who knows how to fix the problem, I paid 250bucks, but it's not now working like it did before.

I'm thinking about giving it away, maybe to Nanay but it would cost me to travel such a big item, so my guess is, it will end up in a junkshop in the next few months.

And speaking of Nanay, I called her this afternoon, just to found out that she had her ankle broken and is now swollen! I am worried!!

And then, my sister's kids! they're giving me headache! love these kids anyway!!! no matter what they do, no matter how bad I speak to them, they still call me 'Tita' at talagang hindi ko kayang tiisin ang mga batang ito, kahit na anong galit ko!!! love you kids!

29 November 2012

Ethereal template for my blog, after carefully thinking and decluttering my cluttered blog and deleting all unnecessary widgets, I've decided to give it a facelift!

I wanted a clean and sleek webpage, and here's how it look now... I hope you like it!

But, I wanted to get rid of this.

I'd be happy and satisfied if you could tell me how.

Ever wonder how I screenshot the whole page up there? I've used FireShot - this is Firefox add-ons which will allow you to SCREEN CAPTURE AN ENTIRE WEBPAGE like what it did on the first image showing my whole blog site.

You could download this add-on here:

Go, download now and enjoy!!!


28 November 2012

It's been a while...

hello to my ever loyal follower, if there are any lols!!

It's been a while since I last posted and I can't even remember what I did posted.

I've been surfing the net when I saw this website:

It featured different kind of giveaways and I thought, why didn't I think of that before. I think it would invite more visitors.

And guess what... there are tons of bloggers who did the same! do you think, they are earning much?

I haven't got more visitors and don't know how to earn from this blog, I already tried many things, but still my Adsense balance were stuck to 4USD. It's been over a year, since I started this site.

Don't know... I think this is not my cup of tee, but I will still keep posting sporadically!



I've been thinking about changing the blog site name! do you have any suggestions?



27 November 2012

Quicktate: converting audio file to doc file

Hi there, it's been a while since I last posted here. Been busy with my pregnancy taking my doctor's advice to rest and now taking care of my 3 months old baby boy named Lucas - my bundle of joy!!!!

So... am back here, sharing my new found website. I guess lots of passerby may probably know this site, or may even be working with them. Hope those who haven't found it yet, find their way here and try their luck. The site might give them a few bucks to add to the budget. Unfortunately, I'm no in luck with the site.

I'm sharing the site not only to the online job seeker but also to those who are looking for transcriber. I'm sure they've got a lot of very good transcriber, and most of them a Filipinos... he he he, am just being proud to be Pinoy!

So, the site's name is Quicktate - as obvious as my post title.

If you wanted to be their Transcriber go to their transcribers page:

My piece of advice to be able to get hired is read the instruction, understand it and follow every bits of it. I mean, read everything from top to bottom. And I mean it.

For those who are looking for a place to convert their audio notes, to-do lists, medical reports, conference calls, legal files, voicemail messages, etc. to text, go their main website:

That is all for now. Hope this helps you guys. 

26 November 2012

Be an encoder for PixProfit

Hello guys and greetings from the sunny Philippines!

It's been a while since I last posted to my blog. I've been busy with my work the past few months... and then, came my pregnancy with my first ever baby! Congratulations to myself!

So, anyways.... I'm here to share a website where I earn a few cents for my online piggy bank! It's called PixProfit. It's so easy to use, you just need to type a code, press enter and voila!!! coins...coins...coins!

You can earn for at least $1.00 USD per 1000 codes that you type. Hard work?? it is! But, you can do it anytime... no boss to watch you around, no time limit. You can even do it while doing your regular job. It's like playing around with keyboard, typing letters! And before you know it, you already reach the minimum payout of $3.00. Payment systems are PayPal, Webmoney, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve. Opt for Paypal because it's easier and less hassle.

Typing instruction is so simple, you just have to type as the picture. If the letter is in upper case, type it in upper case, if in lower case, type it in lower case.

 xEaHJ12asd - Type as: xEaHJ12asd
GrEater Manila - Should be type as GrEater Manila

Just like that! Easy, right???

Opps... don't forget to read "Read It" and "FAQ" for more information

Go try it now!

Kind regards,

25 November 2012

Finally, after being banned for almost 3 months from SQUIDOO - no! not me, but my IP address, don't know why! Well... it's back and I can now build new lenses! yey!!!

Well.... actually, it's been quite a while since I last posted on my SQUIDOO account. I still have few lenses that is giving me a few bucks. I plan to make more but can't think of what to write.

I am facing a writer's block syndrome!!! (as if, he eh he! feeling lang!) and don't what topic to tackle on.

Anyway, I am just glad that I'm back with squidoo, although they've deleted few of my 'cluttered lenses' it is still a best writing place to earn.

If you wish to earn from SQUIDOO, you must register a free account and start writing great lenses!

24 November 2012

Back on the blogging arena with 99designs

Just got back from my 'trying hard writer's block' condition... he he he!

Alright, I'm here to blog about 99designs. A tribute to my favorite site ever, they won the Best Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People's Voice Awards! Hooray!!! is my creative outlet. This is a great website for aspiring graphic design artist, who are practicing and enhancing their design skills. I have earned a lot from this site and was able to showcase my artwork (look at the top!). I may not be that good, but I getting better! He he he…

23 November 2012

Earn online doing easy task

I have been looking for a simple and easy way of earning online, like doing simple task in a few minutes and getting paid from it. I know, many of you have been looking for the same thing (You can find some here).

Actually, I have found many sites for easy earning already, but couldn't stop searching for more. I don't know, maybe I am looking for a more lucrative site.

My search for an easy earning opportunity online has led me to Minute Workers site. This site is like Microworker, but MinuteWorkers is more colorful and more innovative. Everyone can join MinuteWorkers, it is open to international member. The main concept is to find an easy task in the supplied list and choose the one that you can easily do. You can earn from $0.10 up to $1.25 for every task you completed. Apart from doing task, you can refer your friends to MinuteWorkers and receive $0.05 for every person, who register under you and earn extra $0.10 when they complete their first job. Great, right?

The site is a bit new but I think it will stay longer. So, why not go ahead and join MinuteWorkers and start earning from home.

Just wanna say thank you to those who have joined under me:
Hosted by
Hosted by

22 November 2012

Contest: Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?


It's time to deliberate! Which side are you in? Organized or Messy Desk - Which is better? is now running a contest about the above topic. The contest mechanics is to write a minimum of 150 words blog post on your blog, telling your own point of view about working in an organized or messy desk. Is a cluttered desk a sign of genius or a sign of your laziness? How about organized desk? are you being shallow or just clever not mess things up?

Join the contest, share your ideas and win a MDV3BA Pro Series Vacuum made by Metro Data Vac. To learn more about this contest, click this link Contest:Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?

21 November 2012

TurboCAD 17 Deluxe

TurboCAD is a CAD Software application for 2D and 3D design or Drafting. This Software can be use both in Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

The TurboCAD 17 Deluxe is a product of IMSI - the global leader in retail Computer Aided Design. This software is best for 2D and 3D design with hundreds of drafting tools. This CAD application is easy to learn and very easy to use. You can get this amazing product at at a discounted price with free instant delivery online.

20 November 2012


Originally uploaded by realgrapiks
I’ve read about website in MyLot discussions, actually there are at least five discussions about the site (I don’t know why the admin allowed this.) It seems interesting, so I’ve check the site. is a website where you can earn from doing simple task. This is the best place for employers looking for a cheap service and for online worker looking for easy tasks. Both employer and service provider can join for free and will never be charge for any fee.

How It Works: (For Service Provider)

1. Create a free account (one account per household is allowed).

2. Login to your account - There are plenty of available jobs listed, choose task that you are capable to finish. Once done, submit the required proof that you’ve finished the task, the Employer will then review your finished tasked and will rate it upon their satisfaction. If the employer mark your job as “satisfied” you’ll automatically get paid, if it is mark as “not satisfied” you’ll never get paid. You can checked which task you’ve done is rated “satisfied” or “not satisfied” in the “Task I Finished” tab on your Microworkers page.

3. The payout limit is $9.00 and will be sent via PayPal, Moneybookers or Alertpay. It will be processed within 30 days upon placing a withdrawal request.

4. Payment can also be sent by check, it takes up to 20 days depending on mail services.

The Downside:
- Upon signing up you need to provide your real full name and your exact mailing address. The reason being is that, before you can withdraw your funds, you’ll need to enter a PIN number into their payment system processor. This PIN number will be sent at your doorstep, which will take up to 25 or 30 days depending on your location. Once you received the PIN number, you can now withdraw you microworkers hard earn cash and will need to wait another 30 days before it reaches your PayPal account (same with Moneybooker and Alertpay). To sum up the total number of days of waiting, you’ll have to wait at least two months.

19 November 2012

NeoBux Makeover

Originally uploaded by realgrapiks
I was surprised when I opened NeoBux site this morning…woah! For a moment I thought the site has been hacked or something. But, it was NeoBux indeed he he he, I’ve checked the address bar and the URL is still the same. Was relieved that I can still login, lols!

I really like the new look. I felt the new layout/design looked more professional than the older design. So glad that finally, the admin have decided to make a makeover and did not turn into scam. I just don’t feel the view advertisement page, I find it space consuming than what they have before. But, the new banner really stands out compared to the old ones. The best part of the makeover is that, it didn’t affect my daily clicks and my referrals daily activities. My balance is still there and did not turn down to zero. And most importantly NeoBux have stuck to their TOS and that’s just great. This makeover only shows that NeoBux is still the best site in the PTC Industry and no one can beat them. With so many look-alikes sprouting like mushrooms everyday, I think it’s about time that NeoBux changes its layout.

It’s actually Neobux’s 3rd year anniversary, hence the new layout.

18 November 2012

Freelancer Project Invitation

Freelance Jobs

Wow... I'm being invited to bid on a project at! I'm a new member (registered last 2009 of December) and I don't have much reviews, but I do have at least 4 good reviews. That might be the reason why I am being invited. I feel like a pro now he he he....

I've been working online for over a year now and this was the first time that I was invited to bid in a freelancer project. I still don't know if I should place my bid. The project holder don't have much reviews as well. I have checked his freelancer profile, it says, the buyer is from Singapore but didn't give much information about him. I'm not being too picky or anything, I'm just being cautious... you know! (Manny Pacquio pahiram muna ng dialogue he he he..)

The project seems to be interesting. Another interesting online job opportunity knocking at my door. I think I should give it a try, why not? maybe he's just starting out building his reputation like me. Well.. maybe... I'd like to have a little chit-chat with the employer.

Wish me luck!

P.S. If you are looking for a legitimate ONLINE JOB, click the Banner above or click HERE

17 November 2012

Adding My Blog to MyLot

After being a member of MyLot for so many months and since they have thousands of thousands of members, I have decided to add my freelance and freelancer resource blog in their blogroll. My aim is to attract more viewers, since it has plenty of visitors everyday, I will also have the chance of having more visitor and at least a small chance of getting clicks (o_o).

But, it's been a week or so and still my blog is on "pending for approval" status. I have followed the blog submissions guidelines and I don't know what else to do. My blog looks fine to me. Although I can't say that it is 100% grammatically correct, but at least I know that I've posted interesting content and can help anyone who visited my site. Or, am I just being impatient?

Can anyone out there tell me how long will it takes for MyLot to approve my blog?

16 November 2012

Sharing e-books (?)

I was looking for a copy of Harry Potter eBook online when I stumble upon this site called: - actually it’s a forum. Curious, I scanned the page looking for anything that will tell me what the forum is, but couldn’t find any page like “About Us” or “Site Info”.

I think, just from looking and reading a few questions and answers from their FAQ, the site is about uploading your e-books, share it for free to all the members, let them download it and enjoy for life.

The best thing about this forum is that you can download all your favorite eBooks for FREE or in discounted price! So, why not join the site and enjoy the FREE STUFF!

15 November 2012

Looking for an ONLINE JOB?

I know, most of you are here because you are looking for an ONLINE JOB (not frustrated yet?). Or you maybe here, because, maybe you accidentally click a link that directed you to my site. So, while here, why not grab the opportunity and try joining some sites that might actually bring some cash into your pocket.

Looking for an online job is a bit tricky. You'll find site that promises a huge amount of earnings in a week or a month, which is unbelievable. Do you think you'll be able to earn $300.00 in an hour? (Some will do!! and you can too, but not right now!). Many scammers are cunnning, they were sprouting like mushrooms, so be SMART enough. And don't give up. You'll eventually find the right website.

Visit my RECOMMENDATIONS PAGE and you'll find only the

Hard work finally paid off, I have found many LEGITIMATE WEBSITES that I can share with the viewers. But, I do shamefully admit that when I'm starting out, I've been through such que horror!!! But thank God! I didn't lose any cash from them. Well... I've lost a great deal of time and that was very annoying!

So, I've learned my lesson. Now, I do my homework:

Now that you are planning to work at home like me and enjoy the flexibility of your time. Please read first my WORK AT HOME GUIDE.

14 November 2012

MyLot - the best place for discussion

Do you talk too much? join MyLot and earn from sharing your opinion!

MyLot is a community site where members are able to share their knowledge and experiences about anything that interest them. Members enjoy sharing information, giving advice, meeting new friends and helping others problem. While enjoying these, you’ll also get paid from giving valuable information through monthly payouts. Payment will be base on how descriptive your topic is, or how relevant your replies are. This site is not a pay per post site. It is a place for discussion. This is for people looking for someone to talk to or people looking for an outlet to voice out their opinion. This is a place to find solution for your technical problem, to find solutions for your heart problem, family problems or whatever you have in your mind at this moment, you can tackle it in this website. The good thing is you’ll get paid for doing this. The site is a free to join online community, so anyone from around the world can join the discussion and earn rewards.

MyLot has been a good source of side cash for me for two years now. It is one of the most legitimate sites I’ve known and has been paying on time. I have earn from starting discussions – should be descriptive and appealing to mylotters members to attract more replies. Or, by giving relevant replies to every discussion that interest me. You can also refer your friends, family and networks friend and you’ll also earn from their rewards.

But, like many other websites, there are certain rules that needs to be followed. So, it is best to read their FAQs, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Guidelines before starting a discussion or replying to any questions. This is also to prevent from getting your account banned. I can guarantee that MyLot is 100% Legitimate.

Check my myLot User Profile and see how I earn from just sharing my knowledge with other members.

13 November 2012

Is PrizeLive a SCAM?

PrizeLive is a website that pays you to complete free offers, survey and trials. It will also pays you to post a relevant reply to any topic/thread posted in their Forum (I think, a forum is a good sign)

However, I cannot answer yet questions about the legitimacy of as I'm a new user. I just registered a few days back, so I can't tell much about the site. All I can say is that, the site looks professional to me. And since, joining is free, not give it a try. Follow this entry, I will be providing more updates about the site.

Who can join Prizelive?
- Good news! anyone from around the world can register a free account. You must be 18 years old. Kids at the age of 13 can also join, but parental consent is required. You should provide correct information when filling your registration (I think, you must do this to be able to get paid). Like many other GPT or PTC, PrizeLive allows only ONE member per household.

So, how do you get paid?
- You'll get paid by Points or by Game Credits.

Points is equal to Cash ( like, 1 point is equal to $1.00). Point can be earned from completing offers, commission from level 1 referrals, owning an offer in the reward section, and by winning the games that they offer. Point can be redeemed in the Rewards Section for prizes and gifts. Points can also be converted into Game Credits in order to play Games and to participate in some Contests.

Game Credits on the hand are used to play in the games that are available in the site. Game Credits can be earned from completing offers, logging in daily via the Toolbar, commission from level 2 referrals, voting in polls, reporting invalid offers, and by owning an offer in the reward sections. GAME CREDITS DO NOT HAVE ANY MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE CONVERTED INTO CASH.

Payments are sent via PAYPAL (If you don't have one, register a free account here). Payments are processed manually within 48 hours if it is your first payout or if you're living within the United States. But, second payments will be sent instantly both for non-US and US Residents. You must post your Paypal Payment proof in their payment proof board on the forum at least once per month, then you can request another payout again the next day. If not, you can only request once a month. The minimum payout allowed is only $1.00!

Have you tried?

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12 November 2012

The Undisputed NeoBux


NeoBux is the best Paid To Click site on the Internet. It is the King of all PTC or GPT site. In fact, NeoBux is the most trusted Money Making Opportunity I have ever encountered in my whole internet life (if this is an overrated statement, who cares?! ha ha!).

NeoBux is a well planned and innovative PTC Site. They are the first to offer instant payment. You can receive payment within 20 to 30 seconds upon request or within 48 hours after being requested, if the payment processor services are down. This features attracted many imitators, but they didn't last longer. A few are still standing and trying to catch up. One example is PalmBux (who scams me and many other users). PalmBux literally rips offs much of NeoBux's functions. Check their website and you'll see what I am trying to tell you. Be warned; don't even try to join them, don't waste your precious time. Another site is SmithBux (I don't know if this site is still running, I'm not even bother to check it out.) What about SvBux? - its NeoBux doppelganger (this is true!), well... its gone!

Another great feature of NeoBux is the Forum. Here, you can find positive or negative (if any) feedbacks, proof of payments posted by the users and many information, enough proof that the site is legitimate. If you wan to join any Paid To Surf site, the first thing you should look for is the Forum. It is where you can read users experiences, their successes, their disappointments and their concerns. It will help you decide, if the site is really worth investing. At NeoBux, it wouldn't be hard to decide, because you'll find many success stories in the Forum and you'll be inspired to also join them.

I know, there are many PTC and MLM sites that promise a much better or higher profit, but they can't pay you in the long run. The promise of a real PTC site like NeoBux is reliability and sustainability.

NeoBux sophistication continues to invade the whole PTC Industry. The site takes pride in taking another step towards PTC innovation with their newly sophisticated, elegant and durable NeoBux Security Card matching with the best and most sophisticated Security System secured by a 256-bit SSL. This makes them the most undisputed leader in the PTC Industry. Now, who can beat that?

11 November 2012

WordLinx - a Scam?

Of Course NOT! WordLinx is definitely NOT A SCAM. In fact they are the most trusted PTC in the whole PTC industry.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

WordLinx is an elite site and is the longest running PTC I’ve known (correct me if I’m wrong). This UK based site has been online since 6th of October 2003(if my mathematics is correct, the site is almost 7 yrs of age). The site has been paying reliably and instantly ever since. I think, it was the first to offer instant payment and not NeoBux (this is only based on how long the site has been running, so correct me again if I’m wrong). According to my research, the site has been certified by as a verified paying program and has been awarded the highly coveted Seal of Approval.

This is actually the best PTC in the whole industry. They pay on time (as I’ve said instantly) and you can’t see any negative feedbacks from the users.

You can earn a minimum of $0.005 up to $0.01 per click for visiting website for at least 30 seconds. You can also earn from sharing link to your friends on popular social networks, like friendsters, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc… or by sending them an e-mail. Each shared link contains your referral ID, so anyone who signed-up under your name will give you an additional income. You’ll earn $0.05 USD for every new member that signs up under your referral and 5% from their earnings from clicking Ads. If you upgrade your account to Pro, you’ll earn twice from what you are earning as a standard member. The site is FREE TO JOIN and upgrading your membership status to PRO is optional. If you have enough referral and you can pay the fee, I suggest, you upgrade your membership to PRO.

As soon as you meet the minimum balance of $10.00 USD, you can request a payout. You’ll get paid via PAYPAL and within 3 seconds upon request or within 48 hours after being requested, if the payment processor is down. However, the sites charge a small 5% fee to cover PayPal processing fees but you will not be charged by PayPal from receiving the money.

The only downside to Wordlinx is that you can’t get many ads everyday especially standard members. It is very tough to reach the minimum $10.00 cashout. I login twice everyday to make sure I click every available advert. You really have to keep checking in. They also don’t have a Forum, but they do have a blog which is updated regularly and twitter page.

Overall, I highly recommend the site!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

10 November 2012

ampalaya - bitter gourd - bitter melon in our backyard

How do you like your ampalaya? do you like it raw or cooked? either way can do. Ampalaya salad/atchara, is a good partner for fried or grilled fish or meat. Ampalaya is also one of the main ingredients in our famous PINAKBET RECIPE.  We planted some at our backyard.

Today, I harvested some ampalaya fruits. It's so green, so fresh, so yummy, so bitter! I am going to make ampalaya salad for lunch, beef ampalaya with tuna for dinner, scrumbled eggs with Ampalaya for breakfast, and then for lunch again, chicken sotanghon soup with ampalaya. ha ha ha ha... It will be an Ampalaya week this week. Is there an Ampalaya Festival in the Philippines?, great idea lols!!!

oh, by the way...i'm going to make ampalaya shake. want some?