20 March 2009

guppy - guppies in a fishbowl

i have taken a photo of my guppies in my fishbowl....cute lil thingy!!!

14 March 2009

busy saturday...

ahh....what a busy saturday afternoon. i've worked 9hours last night and i haven't got enough sleep yet. mom-in-law went back to states last friday. i don't know how long she'll stay there. now, i have to took over all the household chores, from watering her orchirds, and veggies she planted, to cleaning the house and feeding her fishes, cooking, going to wet market, groceries.. etc. he he he he.... i like it most when she's here, i don't have to worry about everything... almost! today, i begin doing all the things that mom-in-law was doing while she's here. i cooked, i clean the backyard, i watered the plants, check everything. i'm glad i have something else to do aside from staying in my desk typing on my keyboard. now, i'm able to exercise my body and sweat hard. i just finished doing the chores, now i'm exhausted and ready to retire for bed. my eyes are closing voluntarily. before going to bed tonight, i have to make a list on what i need to do tomorrow.

1. wake up before 5AM - login to my online job and start working
2. take a break at 6AM and prepare our breakfast (my hubby and i work on the same schedule)
3. work until 2PM - hopefully meet my target quota earlier than 2PM so i can logout early.
4. lunch
5. wash the dishes
6. feed mom-in-law fish
7. watch television
8. check outside the house, clean the garage, backyard, both left and right side of the house
9. 4PM - cook our meal for the evening and up to the afternoon the next day.
10. 5PM - water the plants
11. dinner - (hubby will wash the dishes)
12. with hubby...cudle...huggle..sleep

i think that's all i'm going to do tomorrow....

i have to sleep now, i'm really really tired!!! good night!

12 March 2009

my squidoo lens revenues

what a lovely day today. this morning i have received my first ever payment from my lenses. i didn't really thought that it could generate some extra cash for me. what really surprised me is that you don't need to request for payment, it will automatically send to your paypal account, you'll know because you will receive a notification letter from paypal like the one i've posted above. you could try it. it's fun and easy and it is for FREE! join

05 March 2009

american idol season 8 and the 8 wild cards

hi guys, i'm back!!! in good condition and in good health (well...not totally "gud helt", 'coz i've got a high bp, the doc. told i need to be careful with what i'm eating now. ah! i'm not getting any younger!)

so after being away due to chronic stiff neck, I landed up on watching American Idol Season 8 tonight. Three of the last batch was chosen to fill the 3 spots available for tonight. And guess what, my fave contestant, lil rounds got through the top 12 so am happy!. and scott mcintyre is also one of my favorite, of course! blind singer, great voice, the most passionate contestant i have ever seen, since i started watching american idol, you can feel each words deep within your heart when he sings, i can almost cry, how can you not root for him? jorge nunez was also voted to join the top 12, welll jorge has a good voice despite her accent and diction.

and now comes the wild card. eight contestant was chosen from those who didn't make it through from the three batches to compete for the wild card spot tomorrow to complete the top 12. They bring back the whining queen tatiana to compete for the wild card, well... there is no denying that she could actually sing, she has good voice, i agree to that. but she's annoying, with all her drama and crying....blah blah! if she could only stop from doing those crazy things! anoop desai went through the wild card seat, as he was the last person being called by simon cowell to join the wild card contestants for tomorrow's show.

Anyway here are the contestants who will be competing for wild card.

Anoop Desai
21 years old
Home: Chapel Hill, NC
Audition: Kansas City, MO

Jesse Langseth
25 years old
Home: Minneapolis, MN
Audition: Kansas City, MO

Jasmine Murray
16 years old
Home: Starkville, MS
Audition: Jacksonville, FL

Megan Joy Corkrey
22 years old
Home: Sandy, UT
Audition: Salt Lake City, UT

Matt Giraud
23 years old
Home: Kalamazoo, MI
Audition: Louisville, KY

Von Smith
22 years old
Home: Kansas City, MO
Audition: Kansas City, MO

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro
24 years old
Home: San Juan, PR
Audition: San Francisco, CA

Ricky Braddy
26 years old
Home: Nashville, TN
Audition: Louisville, KY

visit the official website of American Idol

02 March 2009

neck pain - stiff neck

i am suffering from a severe neck pain....i thought this is simple stiff neck. but it's been a week now, and still aching. i think i need to see a doctor. i'll be away for a few days.

i'll be missing this blog.

bye guys...c yah!

27 February 2009

i'm back with blogspot

so after eight days of being away from blogspot for trying, i'm back again! but i didn't totally close my account. I am planning to continue posting there, about my beloved hometown and promote the site with my ka-brgys. I still like using despite the many restrictions because the templating system of is more innovative than blogspot (sorry, but this is true!). But blogspot is a real dear, super blogger friendly. Blogspot gives me the door to venture into many different money making online. Which is the main reason why I'm crunching my head for words to post. Sooo... i'm back again!!!

not sure I can manage two site at the same time he he he...


26 February 2009

my wordpress experiences

February 19, 2009 - the day I started using the for the first time. It's been eight days, I've already posted 9 entries (ugh!). The first two days was really a struggle, since I'm a new user I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to use the dashboard, how to get my page indexed by google, how to create a sitemap and everything. I have spent hours on my computer, crawling the whole internet planet to find an answer "how to" questions. After finding out how to verify my blog to google and everything, I have found out that is no better unless you upgrade your account to self-hosted blog, which will cost you $30.00 or so, depending on the feature that you wanted to purchase from their current offerings. But templating system functionality is impressive, you can rearranged widget without editing PHP,CSS or HTML code. If you just want to write and tell people whatever comes into your mind, you can use Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads, are not permitted to use in hosted blog. Submitting your wordpress hosted blog to any paid blogging system like payperpost, smorty, reviewme or any similar site, is also prohibited. You can only enjoy and use these features once you upgrade your account. Here is what they say about advertising -

But, is totally different from, so don't be confused about the two. If you really want to have total control about everything on your website, is the real deal, if you have enough funds to cover the cost.